What's Happening

 May 15-19, 2023


The reading of  In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, continues.  The culminating activity at this book's conclusion will be a field trip to the Fresno Grizzlies ballpark for a matinee game on Tuesday, May 9.   

  Our 6th grade goal is to earn nine Accelerated Reader (AR) points per quarter.  Students can access AR tests by copying and pasting the following link into the address bar:


Below is the CVC library website address in order to keep you informed of library activities, challenges, and more.   ellibrary.cvc.org


 Test on Fri., May 5, over Land Biomes and Earth's Natural Resources.    


Chapter 13, Variability and Data Distributions, has begun.

Problem of the Week due every Friday. 

Most students need practice with their basic facts. Parents, please have your students practice their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Math Websites: Xtramath


Grammar - Pronoun Test on Wednesday,  May 10

Writing - Poetry

**There will be a poetry quiz on THURS or FRIDAY, May 11 or 12, covering Haiku and Acrsotic Poetry.**


Spelling Mission # 33 - 6th Grade Spelling Bee List 4

WORDS: orchids, despondency, composure, jauntily, Hispaniola, quantum, calamine, exasperation, sophomore, reprobate, annoyance, paralysis, chimpanzee, peroxide, amputation, conspiracy, sinewy, flabbergasted, boisterously, linoleum



We are currently studying the events after Jesus' resurrection when he appeared to many people. 


We are working through a chapter called, Revolutions and Expansion. We read about the French Revolution and will learn about some other revolutions that made an impact on history.