Book Club readers have been given the green light to keep reading, welcoming them to finish their book.  An A.R. test can be taken thereafter.   Check to be sure the necessary packet activities have been completed.   We will be completing this Book Club session before Christmas break.  

Our 6th grade goal is to earn nine Accelerated Reader (AR) points per quarter.  Students can access AR tests by copying and pasting the following link into the address bar:

Below is the CVC library website address in order to keep you informed of library activities, challenges, and more.


 Unit 4, "Our Restless Earth" , Lessons 1-3, pages 190-224, will be tested on Wed., Dec. 13.  


Chapter 5  Test is tentatively scheduled  for Tuesday, Dec. 12. 

Parents: most of our students need review of their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 5 to 10 minutes of practice a few days a week would be very helpful to most students.

Students will have a problem of the week due every Friday when there is at least a 4 day week. The problem is given the first day of the week. The problem must follow the five step outline given in class. Parents, please feel free to check on this  and even help them if they need it.  

Math Websites: Xtramath



Grammar - Capitalization!  This will be a very quick unit that we will wrap up on Thursday with a very short quiz.  After Thanksgiving Break we will be moving onto Prepostions.

Writing - We are wrapping up our Compare & Contrast Essay this week.  The next writing unit will cover descriptive writing and will take us all of the way to Christmas Break.

Roots & Vocab - Root of the week: -phon- meaning sound.  As a reminder:  the definitions need to include the meaning of the root and must not use the word itself in the definition - if you are defining the word microphone, you may not use the word microphone in the definition.

Roots Worksheets are due each Wednesday, and there is a quiz each Friday. ****The Quiz this week will be on Thursday due to our field trip on Friday this week.



A test on Unit 2 will be on Thursday. Students, use the unit review to guide your study so you are well prepared for the test. Some of the notes and information is on your google classroom.


Students are working on a project related to ancient Greece that is due 12/19.