What's Happening? May 24- May 28


6th graders have begun reading In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson (ITYOTBAJR). It is 1947 during which two important events happen: First, 6th cousin, Bandit, or Shirley Temple Wong, moves to America from China, and Second, Jackie Robinson brings his baseball talents to Major League baseball. This independent read is accompanied by some vocabulary, questions, and other interactive opportunities. May 26 is the due date to have the book completed.

We are also learning the Lord's Prayer in a language of their choosing. Due date: May 28.


This week, chapter 13 will come to a close. Test will tentatively be on Thursday, May 27th.

Most students need practice with their basic facts. Parents, please have your students practice their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Math Websites: Xtramath

Keep up the great reading progress, 6th graders! Field trip to the ballpark on Fri., May 21.


6th graders are busy multi-tasking in Science. One item keeping us busy is preparing for the upcoming event (May 20) when we get to host the 3rd graders to an Oceanography Day of Science. We are also navigating our way through our textbook, learning all about the ocean. Have all your supplies ready at school on Thursday, May 20, or earlier.


Students will wrap up this week by working on their response to testimony projects in class. The hope is that they'll be turned in on Friday. If Friday doesn't work out, they are due Tuesday, June 1st.


Students will complete their final Eduprotocol for the year. They will complete a handwritten and typed draft to see the improvements they can make.


The final unit of spelling includes more compound words. These words should be review for the 6th graders.

Our Mission:

  1. Cultivating responsible Christian Adults

  2. Valuing academic excellence

  3. Connecting Biblical truth with everyday living

  4. Shaping Christ like character


Students are working on a project this week called "Old Testament Bible Character."

Math Websites: Xtramath

Social Studies

A review of the chapter "Technology and Expansion" will be this week with a test on Friday.