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What's Happening? December 7- December 11


Reading book clubs are underway.   Both book clubs are engaged in a mystery novel.   Quadrant One has us taking notes on characters, setting, and any problems.   Reminder:  the 2nd quarter book report, the Flipgrid radio voice, is due Friday, Dec. 18.   See details posted on your homeroom's Reading google classroom.

   "Erosion and Deposition" by way of water, wind, ice, and gravity presentations were enjoyed and notes were taken in class.  Topographical maps will be re-visited this week and a review day for our upcoming test.  Test will be on Tues., Dec. 8.  

Students will continue gathering important, credible, and relevant facts about the four parts of God's story. They will create a number of mini-reports through the tool of Google Slides. 

Our verb lesson will continue this week with a look at different verb categories. 

Students will begin Lesson Thirteen of spelling using our new online spelling program, The Spelling Classroom. Students will complete an introduction and two modules before Thursday's online test. 

Library and Lab Time
Every week students will get the opportunity to spend time in the library and in the computer lab to receive a brand new technology curriculum to help prepare them for 7th grade on Fridays.  

Our Mission:
  1. Cultivating responsible Christian Adults
  2. Valuing academic excellence
  3. Connecting Biblical truth with everyday living
  4. Shaping Christ like character

Chapter five will come to a close this week. The test will take place on Tuesday, December 8th.   
Most students need practice with their basic facts. Parents, please have your students practice their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Math Websites:  Xtramath
Image result for math facts
Math Websites:  Xtramath

Social Studies
Students are working on an ancient Greek project of their choice that is due Wednesday 12/9.
The test on ancient Greece will be on Friday.  
 Students, study your vocabulary words, notes, worksheets, crossword puzzle, and review assignment.
Alexander the Great – Global Firsts and Facts                Bible
A new unit begins this week, Jesus' later Judean ministry. We get to study some of Jesus' teachings and learn how to be his disciples.
Jesus' Words to His Disciples After His Resurrection