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What's Happening? March 16- March 20

    The Westing Game will be finishing up on Tuesday.   Test over The Westing Game will be on Thursday.  

4th quarter book report guidelines will be shared this week.   It is my hope that your AR points earned is beyond 27.  
Unit 3 in our Green Science book, "Earth's Resources", will be a relatively short unit.   Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight!
Students will independently work on their article of the week assignment outside of class. In class, however, we will switch our genre to a more narrative style of writing. Students will be analyzing parables, responding to them, and their meaning. 

We focused on adverbs in our Easy Grammar book this week. The hope is that students will expand their knowledge of adverbs and how they function in sentences. There will be a test over adverbs on Thursday of this week covering all things adverbs. 

Unit 18 will be a short unit with some prroofing practice. Students will take the CLOZE and Proof tests only this week. 

Library and Lab Time
Every week students will get the opportunity to spend time in the library and in the computer lab to receive a brand new technology curriculum to help prepare them for 7th grade on Fridays.  

Our Mission:
  1. Cultivating responsible Christian Adults
  2. Valuing academic excellence
  3. Connecting Biblical truth with everyday living
  4. Shaping Christ like character

Ch.11 begins this week with a study of surface area and volume.
 POTW will be collected on Friday.  
The problem of the week is a weekly multiple step problem that students are given on Monday and must be turned in by Friday. 

We encourage most of our 6th grade students to continue to practice their basic math facts. 
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Math Websites:  Xtramath

Social Studies
Students are working on an oral report on a topic related to the Middle Ages that will be due March 24 - 27.
What role did the church play in the Middle Ages? We will find out this week.

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 Memory Verse: John 14:1-7 due 4/2
We will take a close look at the events leading up to the crucifixion. 
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