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What's Happening? February 24-28

  Ellen Raskin has written an incredible mystery that we are having trouble figuring out.  The Westing Game continues.  Who is Sam Westing out to get?  Keep up on your outside of class reading.  

The 3rd quarter book report, a book snap, is due on Thursday, Feb. 27.     
The levels of organization found in an environment has been discussed.   We are now on to the energy transfer that takes place in an ecosystem.   "It doesn't get much more exciting than this!"   

Students will be spending time reading articles and responding to them in preparation for our response literature unit. If you're interested, we are using Kelly Gallagher's Article of the Week. Students are interacting closely with the text in hopes of building not only a summary but an analysis of the article. 

Research and Fine Arts Essays will find their way into the gradebook in the upcoming days.

Students will go over proper adjectives and determine the difference between adjectives and adverbs this week. In addition, they will be tested on how well they can choose different parts of speech in the Eduprotocol tool. They will complete one more before the end of the quarter. 

There will not be a formal unit in spelling this week. 

Library and Lab Time
Every week students will get the opportunity to spend time in the library and in the computer lab to receive a brand new technology curriculum to help prepare them for 7th grade on Fridays.  

Our Mission:
  1. Cultivating responsible Christian Adults
  2. Valuing academic excellence
  3. Connecting Biblical truth with everyday living
  4. Shaping Christ like character

Chapter 10 begins this week with a study of area. We begin by studying and using the formulas for area of parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids.
 POTW will be collected on Friday.  

The problem of the week is a weekly multiple step problem that students are given on Monday and must be turned in by Friday. 

We encourage most of our 6th grade students to continue to practice their basic math facts. 
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Math Websites:  Xtramath

Social Studies
We get to learn about so many interesting things about the Middle Ages: Lords, ladies, knights, castles, cathedrals, the Black Death, Joan of Arc, the Crusades, etc. I can't wait!
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Unit 4 will be reviewed with a test on Friday.
Students, study you summary questions and answers and your notes on the Passover Lamb and Jesus.
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